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Publikationen Christina Hemme

Current Ph.D. project:

Hydrogeochemical processes evaluated and predicted by the development and application of numerical modeling including carbon capture and storage (CCS) and underground gas storage in salt caverns.



  • Hemme, C., van Berk, W. (in press), Change in cap rock porosity triggered by pressure and temperature dependent CO2-water-rock interactions in CO2 storage systems, Petroleum
  • Hemme, C., van Berk, W.: H2S Generation and Release in Salt Cavern Gas Storage; to be presented: AAPG 2017 Annual Convention & Exhibition in Houston, Texas (2017)
  • Hemme, C., van Berk, W.: One-Dimensional Reactive Transport Modeling of CO2 Storage Systems - Change in Cap Rock Porosity Triggered by Pressure and Temperature Dependent CO2-Water-Rock Interactions; AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco 2015 (2015)

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